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Premium Nutrition + Triathlon + Strength Coaching

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Learn how to fuel your body and have fun with training so that you achieve your triathlon dreams while feeling and performing your best 

You have big dreams. Maybe it's completing your first triathlon. Or completing your first Ironman. Or finally getting on that podium. Or qualifying for Worlds.  

But you're struggling with your training and your nutrition.

Maybe you are experiencing imposer syndrome because you are planning to do your first triathlon ever or your first time trying a new distance. You feel intimidated and don't even know where to start. You are googling everything. You have tried to swim, but felt like you were drowning. You've tried to bike, but you don't know how you are supposed to eat and drink while riding in a straight line. And how are you supposed to eat while running? It is overwhelming to think of all the things you have to learn and do. 

Or maybe you are training already, but you are finding it overwhelming to fit everything in in addition to your already busy life. You don't know how to balance your schedule and the easiest way you are doing it to manage right now (if you are managing), is skimping on your sleep. You are feeling burned out from the sport.  

Or perhaps you are starting to experience some motivation struggles due to boredom. The generic workouts that you downloaded for free are repetitive and mind-numbing. I mean, yes, some of the longer workouts are there to help train your mind, but training for a triathlon is supposed to be fun, not mind-numbing. 

Or maybe you are one of those triathletes that just cannot get through an entire season without an injury. You have a physiotherapist on speed-dial and see them more often than some of your friends. Perhaps it is time to take a dive into your nutrition and match it to your training and analyze your technique to identify and correct any biomechanical imbalances or flaws in your technique. 

Or maybe you have been training for a while, years even, and you are frustrated with your performance plateau. No matter what you do, you can't seem to see progress. 

You can't seem to get through a workout without experiencing stomach cramps, acid reflux, nausea, lightheadedness, or diarrhea. You are constantly planning your workouts around the nearest bathroom. 

Or everything is great during training, but come race day, you are experiencing the above. 

Or you feel extreme fluctuations in your energy levels. Some days, you can't get through the day without a nap and drinking extra mugs of coffee. 

Or you experience extremes in your hunger. Some days, you are not hungry and other days you are ravenous. Those ravenous days, you just can't get full and eat snack after snack after snack, even after you ate all your normal meals. 

Now you are absolutely done with experiencing all these things and want to see some positive changes. 

Let's get you feeling energized and strong at the end of your next race

Imagine finishing your training on a Saturday and still having the energy to complete the chores, errands, events, and other life's to-dos for the rest of the day because you no longer need a nap at 2pm. 


Imagine the freedom of being able to bike and run where you want, because you no longer have to worry about bathroom stops. 


Imagine feeling in control of your eating, because you know understand how to eat for triathlon, instead of frantically raiding the pantry at 7pm. 

Imagine looking forward to your training, knowing that yes, you may spend some hours on your indoor trainer, but it is not going to be boring as the sets you do keep your mind engaged and the time flies by. 


Imagine finally seeing progress in your pace, endurance, speed, power, and strength, because your training is actually tailored to you. 


Imagine the freedom of knowing your training plan is flexible and if something comes up, you don't need to worry about making up a session or missing a key workout. 

As a fellow triathlete, I get what you are feeling right now, as I had my own struggles with training, nutrition, and weight lifting. (Check out my full story here)

As a sports performance dietitian, triathlon coach, swim coach, and high performance kinesiologist, I can help you overcome your struggles with nutrition and training so that you achieve your triathlon goals while feeling and performing your best

"I have worked with a coach in the past who created quite boring training plans.

Truthfully it felt like he just took what I could've found online and uploaded it into training peaks.  He also did not have the medical education Jessica does.  At the time I was already having some medical issues and he would often brush off my concerns or would encourage me to, "keep pushing" even when I would be in a lot of pain or would be having a lot of symptoms. Because of that I burnt out from his coaching in a matter of months.  I just couldn't keep pushing my body that hard as someone with chronic illness.

happy client triathlete

Having a triathlon coach who is also a registered dietician as given me so much peace of mind.  Jessica has also been beyond understanding when I shoot her a text and say, "hey, not feeling great today" and she quickly rearranges my week and often even encourages me to take the next day off as well!  My hematologist absolutely LOVES this about her and is a huge reason why I'm allowed to push as hard as I am!!

[My biggest win so far is] COMPLETING A TRIATHLON just over a year after finishing chemo!!

I would recommend 1:1 coaching to BEGINNERS.  I felt a little odd hiring a triathlon coach when my first goal was simply an indoor triathlon that was time based.  But my Dr's said the only way they were giving me the green light to start training was if I hired a coach and I'm so so glad I did!!  I honestly don't think I would've been able to complete that triathlon without Jessica's guidance!"

- Terri

You deserve access to elite-level information, guidance, and support for nutrition, triathlon, strength, and mobility training, regardless of your current pace or experience in triathlon

My Premium Nutrition + Triathlon + Strength coaching is a one-of-a-kind coaching service for triathletes as it combines multiple disciplines into one service.


You get the combined knowledge and support of a triathlon coach, swim coach, sports performance dietitian, and high performance kinesiologist. 

Premium Nutrition + Triathlon + Strength coaching, includes:

  • Investigative detective work to determine potential causes and solutions to any nutrition problem you are experiencing

    • Including gut issues, extreme fatigue, extreme cravings, and more​

  • Customized nutrition recommendations, including but not limited to: 

    • Day-to-day eating, eating around your training, race day planning, hydration, supplements, and more

      • I show you how to match your eating to your training​

    • Everything we do together is based on YOU. Your nutrition, your goals, your training, and your LIFE. ​

  • Instant access to my Triathlon Nutrition 101 course to increase your knowledge about the what, how, and whys about fueling for triathlon 

  • Biomechanical and technical video analysis and feedback on your swim, bike, run, and lifting techniques to

    • identify and correct any biomechanical imbalances or flaws in technique to minimize the risk of overuse injuries and musculoskeletal issues

    • identify any inefficiencies and improve your efficiency 

    • optimize your movement patterns and improve joint mobility 

  • Customized, progressive training plan based on your biomechanical and technical analysis, personal feedback, schedule, and goals

    • Includes swimming, biking, running, strength, and mobility sessions each week

  • Monthly Zoom calls for race day planning and post-race review and monthly zoom calls for nutrition assessment, follow-up, and feedback

    • So you get two zoom calls per month​

  • Unlimited support, and if I haven't heard from you, I check in once a week

Everything we do together is based on YOU. Your nutrition, your triathlon goals, your training, and your LIFE. ​

I'm in your corner to help you achieve your triathlon dreams while feeling and performing your best.

Investment: $699 CAD/month, for a minimum of 3 months

as monthly automatic payments, see Terms and Conditions 

You save $200/month when you combine nutrition coaching with triathlon and strength coaching. 

Only interested in one of these services instead?

Check out nutrition coaching here or triathlon + strength coaching here

Once you apply, we will chat on a free zoom call to see if we are a good match for each other, and answer any questions you have. I want you to feel comfortable and confident before committing to anything! 

"I was looking for help both in nutrition and in fitness. I was looking for someone to help me deal with extreme eating habits, a lack of fitness routine and big dreams. Jessica has taught me so much about what my body needs to fuel itself, and how to eat in such a way that I am satisfied so that my extreme eating behaviours do not happen. I had no idea what I was actually doing before working with Jessica, and through her gentle guidance and direction I am happier with my eating habits (being more at peace with food), and am way more active than I was before. I am excited to continue working with her and keep growing to achieve my dreams [in] Triathlon."

- Kim

"I just want to say thank you for all your help and guidance these last 6 months. I really appreciated your knowledge and availability when I had questions. Your training plan left me feeling as prepared as I could be for [my Ironman] race day :) Thank you again!"

- Jenessa

"I signed up for coaching with Jessica as I started preparing for longer races and felt I needed more support with the nutrition that would help me take on those challenges. I learned so much! Coaching calls and the resources Jessica shared with me were super helpful. I feel more knowledgeable about macros, proper fueling and how to find balance in my eating patterns. I would recommend one-on-one coaching for any athlete who wants to learn more about themselves and what nutrition is right for them. It’s so much more personalized than what you can get from a book or general program."

- Violet

"I really wanted to learn how to manage my own nutrition plan while preparing for my first full Ironman. I learned about my specific macro needs, how to adjust them based on my workload, and different ideas on how to fuel as a predominantly plant-based athlete.


I think one of the best things about Jessica's program is how responsive she is to your questions and that you have the freedom to send questions at anytime during your program with her. I know a lot of times as an athlete I come up with questions in the middle of the week or when at the grocery, and I don't always remember everything I want to ask during a scheduled phone call. So to be able to send a message at anytime and get a reply is awesome."

- Doug

Are you ready to become an energized and strong triathlete?

All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. 

Results are not guaranteed.

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