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Enhance your team's performance

I provide a fun, interactive, and educational presentation that allows athletes to feel more confident on how to improve their nutrition, strength training, or mobility for good health and improved sport performance.

Topics can be tailored to what you want participants to learn and is catered toward the age of the participants to ensure they get the most of the session.

Requested topics on nutrition can include:

  • general nutrition and healthy eating,

  • general or specific sports nutrition,

    • eating before, during, and after training​

    • eating around a race

  • meal planning,

  • motivation and goal setting,

  • and more.

Mobility and strength presentations are both educational with follow-along activities. 

We will work together to create topics and activities that are meaningful and meet the needs of your team.

I have done presentations for various sports including triathlon, hockey, competitive swimming, high school football, high school basketball, and have been a guest speaker for sports education classes in various high schools.  


Virtual $250/hour

In-person $350/hour

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