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Your one-stop shop for triathlon nutrition, strength, mobility, and training guidance


Regardless if you are in your first year or your tenth year of triathlon, it is time to become an energized and strong triathlete


  • Instead of feeling so exhausted, you can't get off the couch, finish your training with the energy to continue on with your day and do what you need to do.

  • Feel powerful and strong as you cruise up any hill in your path and still earn a new best time 

  • Feel at peace with food and learn how to fuel your body to feel your best without feeling restricted or out of control

  • Figure out the causes of your nausea, stomach upset, cramping, and more so that you know how to avoid it and how to manage it if it comes up during your race 

  • Fit training around your life to achieve a good training-life balance

  • Have fun training for and achieving your exciting triathlon goals 


Hi, I'm Jessica

I am a Sports Performance Dietitian, High Performance Exercise Physiologist, Triathlon coach, Swim coach, and triathlete.

I believe that every individual training for a triathlon, regardless of their pace or experience level, deserves access to elite athlete-level nutrition guidance and training strategies.

You deserve to feel and perform your best whether you are just starting out or have been in the sport for years. 

When I first started triathlons in 2011, I struggled with fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, and cramping during training and races. I didn't know what I was doing wrong, but I also didn't know how to fix it. I just kept doing what my teammates were doing and struggled. 

Plus, when it came to strength training, I just copied what I did from my competitive swimming days, as the training plans I used, did not give details. "Tuesday workout: strength train". Uh, okay. What exercises? How much weight?  I remember strength training before a brick (bike and run) and my legs were absolutely dead. I gave up strength training after that as I didn't want to harm my triathlon training. I had no idea how I could make strength training work with triathlon. 

In 2018, I injured my knee during an interval run. My knee bothered me so much that I even used crutches while walking. I had to pull out of my all my races that season. I had no idea mobility training even existed and I didn't realize how much it could help relieve my achy joints. 

And if I missed a workout, I felt compelled to make it up and squeeze it into a spare space of time. And then eventually, life became too busy for fitting in workouts, so I became inconsistent with my training plan. I wasn't having fun and I wasn't seeing results.

This continued on for years. I couldn't hit new personal records, despite how much I trained. I was feeling burned out and I almost quit the sport. 

I know that I am not the only one who has struggled with nutrition, strength training, mobility, and work/life/training balance


I did not have all the information, knowledge, and support that I have now, so how could I have known any better?


This is why I believe in sharing all my nutrition, strength, and coaching knowledge with you, my fellow triathletes, so you have fun, and feel and perform your best!

Read more of my story here.

Here is how we can work together:


Fuel your body to feel energized, faster, stronger, and perform your best 

Strength + Mobility

Increase your power, strength, endurance, speed, and mobility with triathlon-specific, periodized strength and mobility training.

Tri Coaching

Triathlon training tailored to your life so that you have fun, achieve your goals, and have a good training/life balance

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Think of this newsletter as a way to develop a checklist of what to do and what not to do when it comes to training, nutrition, strength training, and mobility for triathlon, and how to balance all of that with a busy triathlete's life. 

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