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What current and previous clients have said

"I have worked with a coach in the past who created quite boring training plans.

Truthfully it felt like he just took what I could've found online and uploaded it into training peaks.  He also did not have the medical education Jessica does.  At the time I was already having some medical issues and he would often brush off my concerns or would encourage me to, "keep pushing" even when I would be in a lot of pain or would be having a lot of symptoms. Because of that I burnt out from his coaching in a matter of months.  I just couldn't keep pushing my body that hard as someone with chronic illness.

happy client triathlete

Having a triathlon coach who is also a registered dietician as given me so much peace of mind.  Jessica has also been beyond understanding when I shoot her a text and say, "hey, not feeling great today" and she quickly rearranges my week and often even encourages me to take the next day off as well!  My hematologist absolutely LOVES this about her and is a huge reason why I'm allowed to push as hard as I am!!

[My biggest win so far is] COMPLETING A TRIATHLON just over a year after finishing chemo!!

I would recommend 1:1 coaching to BEGINNERS.  I felt a little odd hiring a triathlon coach when my first goal was simply an indoor triathlon that was time based.  But my Dr's said the only way they were giving me the green light to start training was if I hired a coach and I'm so so glad I did!!  I honestly don't think I would've been able to complete that triathlon without Jessica's guidance!"

- Terri

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All testimonials are voluntary from happy clients. Names have been removed to protect clients under 18.

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